Mobile gadget corporate gifts are practical and highly appreciated in Singapore, where technology plays a significant role in daily life. Here are some mobile gadget gift ideas suitable for corporate gifting in Singapore:

Power Banks:

Customized power banks with your company logo or branding. Ensure they have a sufficient battery capacity to charge smartphones and other devices on the go.
Wireless Earbuds:

High-quality wireless earbuds or earphones featuring your company logo. Consider noise-canceling or sport-style options.
Bluetooth Speakers:

Portable Bluetooth speakers for music and conference calls, customized with your branding.
Phone Holders and Stands:

Customized phone holders or stands for desks or travel. These can be versatile and useful accessories.
Phone Wallets and Cardholders:

Attachable phone wallets or cardholders with your logo. They are convenient for holding IDs, cards, and cash.
Smartphone Cases and Covers:

Personalized smartphone cases or covers that protect and promote your brand simultaneously.
Charging Cables:

High-quality charging cables with your logo, compatible with various devices.
Wireless Chargers:

Wireless charging pads with your branding. Ensure they are compatible with popular smartphone models.
Tablet Stylus Pens:

Stylus pens for tablets and touchscreen devices, customized with your company name.
Screen Cleaners:

Compact screen cleaners with your branding for keeping screens smudge-free.
USB Flash Drives:

Customized USB flash drives with ample storage capacity. These are handy for data transfer and storage.
Multi-Port USB Hubs:

USB hubs with multiple ports for charging and connecting various devices.
Mobile Phone Sanitizers:

UV-C mobile phone sanitizers that help keep devices clean and germ-free.
Cord Organizers:

Cable organizers and clips to keep charging cables and headphones tangle-free.
Phone Grips and Rings:

PopSockets or phone rings customized with your branding for improved grip and functionality.
VR Headsets:

Virtual reality headsets for immersive experiences, customized with your company logo.
Mobile Accessories Kits:

Comprehensive kits that include various mobile accessories, such as chargers, cables, and adapters, packaged in branded cases or pouches.
Digital Pens and Styluses:

Digital pens or styluses suitable for touchscreen devices, often used in business and creative settings.
Wireless Mouse:

Wireless computer mice that can be used with laptops and desktops.
Fitness Trackers:

Customized fitness trackers or smartwatches that promote wellness and connectivity.
When choosing mobile gadget corporate gifts, consider the preferences and needs of your recipients. Personalizing these gadgets with your company logo or branding adds a professional touch and serves as a reminder of your business. Additionally, ensure that the gadgets are of good quality and function well to leave a positive impression on your clients, employees, or business partners.

$12.84 - $20.89

Power Banks

66w PD Power Bank

$12.00 - $24.80
$2.00 - $6.80

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

$3.17 - $8.75
$16.60 - $23.00
$10.00 - $17.40

Corporate Gifts

Business Gifts Set

$32.40 - $38.80