Office stationery items make practical and useful corporate gifts in Singapore. Here’s a list of popular office stationery gift ideas and tips for customization:

Customized Notebooks:

High-quality notebooks with custom covers featuring your company logo, event name, or a personalized message.
Consider various sizes and page layouts to suit different needs.
Custom Notepads:

Personalized notepads in different sizes and styles, ideal for quick notes and memos.
Customize the cover and interior pages to align with your branding.
Custom Pens:

Branded pens with your company logo or message.
Choose from various styles, including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens.
Desk Organizers:

Desktop organizers with compartments for pens, paper, and other office essentials.
Customize with your branding on the organizer’s surface.
Custom Sticky Notes:

Sticky notes with your logo or event details.
Offer different shapes and sizes, including standard square and unique shapes.
Desk Calendars:

Personalized desk calendars featuring your company logo or motivational messages.
Consider including important dates or events related to your industry.
Customized Mouse Pads:

Mouse pads with custom designs, perfect for branding.
Explore different materials like fabric or rubber.
Branded Paperweights:

Custom paperweights with your company logo or inspirational quotes.
Choose from various materials like glass or metal.
Customized Clipboards:

Branded clipboards with your logo or event details.
Ideal for office meetings and presentations.
Customized Folders:

Presentation folders with your branding for organizing documents and materials.
Include pockets and slots for business cards.
Customized Sticky Note Dispensers:

Dispensers for sticky notes with custom designs and your logo.
Add a touch of elegance to the office desk.
Customized Rulers:

Rulers featuring your branding or measurement conversions.
Offer a practical tool with your corporate identity.
Branded USB Drives:

USB drives with your company logo, preloaded with promotional materials or useful resources.
Consider various storage capacities.
Customized Highlighters and Markers:

Highlighters and markers with your logo or event information.
Offer a range of colors for diverse office tasks.
Customized Calculators:

Branded calculators for quick calculations in the office.
Customize with your company logo and contact details.
Customized Desk Clocks:

Desk clocks with your branding for time management and aesthetics.
Consider digital and analog options.
Eco-Friendly Stationery:

Sustainable and eco-friendly stationery made from recycled materials.
Customize with eco-friendly messaging.
Customized Bookmarks:

Bookmarks with your company logo or inspirational quotes.
Perfect for corporate reading materials or as event giveaways.
Branded Erasers and Sharpeners:

Erasers and sharpeners featuring your logo for practicality.
Often used by employees and students.
Customized Name Badges:

Name badges for employees with your company logo and individual names.
Ideal for conferences and corporate events.
When customizing office stationery gifts in Singapore, ensure that your branding is consistent across all items, and consider the preferences and needs of your recipients. High-quality stationery items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing can leave a lasting impression on clients, employees, and business partners.

$3.47 - $9.87
$6.00 - $18.25
$2.50 - $8.90


A5 Notebook

$3.30 - $9.60
$8.79 - $14.85
$7.37 - $10.13
$5.66 - $13.60
$2.52 - $10.50
$9.58 - $15.98
$15.35 - $22.71